8대의 플로피 드라이브로 연주하는 닥터 후(Doctor Who) 테마 송


8대의 플로피 드라이브로 연주하는 닥터 후(Doctor Who) 테마 송을 감상하세요.

Doctor Who Theme on eight floppy drives


Download Audio: http://vibedeck.com/mrsolidsnake745-sfloppyorchestra–2/tracks/251834/buy
I’ve been extremely busy the last month or so. First my computer died on me, then finals, then work, and on top of that most of my family moved away to India. So sorry for the delay in videos. I’m still preoccupied, but I hope to be able to start putting videos up again.
This was highly requested from long ago so I hope you guys enjoy it. I’ve really thought about how I record my audio and what has sounded good over the past videos. I combined those elements as best I could.
I don’t have two microphones of equal quality, so I recorded the left four and right four drives separately and pushed the audio to their respective side. I then recorded all eight and put it through a low pass filter and a small bass boost. I think the resulting mix of the three tracks sounds the best. It takes a lot more time to record and edit, but I thought it was worth it. Let me know what you think.
Oh and I also started a FaceBook page. Haven’t really built it out yet, but I’ll get to it.
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Doctor Who Theme on eight floppy drives – YouTube

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