Set up a Windows 10X Language Pack

This post is also available in: 한국어 (Korean) English 日本語 (Japanese)

By default, when you start Windows 10X, it appears in English. If you’re in an Internet-connected environment, you can change to a language that you’re familiar with at any time. It’s like Windows 10.

Windows 10X Korean

Here’s how to make it in Korean. Of course, the same is the case when you change to Japanese or German, etc.

See below for how to install Windows 10X.
Download Windows 10X and Microsoft Emulator (Surface Neo Experience)

Open the Start menu. Enter settings.
Click Time & Language.
When you see the Region screen, select Korea. Enter the Language menu on the left.
Add a language.
Select Korean and press Next.
Set as my Windows display language. Install!
Download language packs, etc. from the Internet. Wait a little.
The installation is complete. Just restart!
It is displayed in Korean!


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This post is also available in: 한국어 (Korean) English 日本語 (Japanese)


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