Download Windows 10X and Microsoft Emulator (Surface Neo Experience)

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This day has finally come. Windows 10X, which was included in Surface Neo, announced in October last year, is now able to drive the Windows 10X to microsoft emulator (unveiled at the Microsoft 365 Developer Day event).

Windows 10X Emulator 10.0.19563.0 (Preview)

See below for the download link. (It will link to the Windows Store)

Get the Microsoft Emulator and Windows 10X Emulator Image
1. Install the Microsoft Emulator.
2. Install the Windows 10X Emulator Image.


Take a screenshot of the installation below.

It is not installed with ordinary Windows 10! I installed it in Windows 10 Insider Preview version 2004 (OS build 19564.1000).

I’ve posted how to cleanly install Windows 10 Insider Preview with ISO. Please refer to.

Install Microsoft Emulator first.

1. Install the Microsoft Emulator.

Install Windows (R) 10X Emulator Image 10.0.19563.0 (Preview).

2. Install the Windows 10X Emulator Image.

Run Microsoft Emulator from the Start menu
When the Microsoft Emulator Manager starts up, you’ll see an image of the operating system installed together.
Hyper-V is not enabled. Hyper-V is required.
Enable ‘Hyper-V’ in Windows feature on/off. (Restart the system after installation.)
If you’re all ready, don’t run it right away, edit… Click on.
On the Edit Emulator Device screen, you can select memory capacity in MB. If you have enough memory, 8192MB (8GB) is used!
At first you do not have permission to run the emulator. I get a warning. Press the Retry button.
The emulator operates on a Hyper-V basis. Let’s wait and see.
It’s like 10 years ago…

Ten years ago, when i activated the Windows Phone 7 development tool in July 2010,I felt the same joy. What will Windows 10X be rated in 10 years?

This is the start menu for Windows 10X! It’s modern.
We only started the start screen, so we only use about 250MB of memory.

Let’s also leave a video of the action. Look forward to it!

This post is also available in: 한국어 (Korean) English 日本語 (Japanese)


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